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H.L. Burke spills the tea on Power Play (Supervillain Rescue Project #2)

H.L. Burke spills the tea on Power Play (Supervillain Rescue Project #2)

Today I’ve got some fun book news to share with you, as H.L. Burke stops by to spill the tea on her new sci-fi preorder-alert, Power Play, book 2 in the Supervillain Rescue Project. Post contains affiliate links.

Ok, H.L. spill it!

Book two in my YA superhero series is about to launch. The heroes have assembled and this time … they’re playing D&D? Superheroes meet LITRPG Portal Fantasy in this new YA Superhero adventure. Plus there’s a magical ferret.

That sounds awesome (are all ferrets not magical?). How about some tea?

I’m from Oregon, so I like Stash Tea. It’s very local. Licorice spice is a favorite.

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Book & Tea Review: Serpent & Dove by Shelby Mahurin

Book & Tea Review: Serpent & Dove by Shelby Mahurin

Today I’ve got a tea-infused book recommendation for you! This post contains affiliate links.

The tea:
Plum Spice from Simple Loose Leaf Tea

The book:
Serpent and Dove by Shelby Mahurin

I managed to snag a signed copy at a local bookstore without even realizing it.

These two pair well because they’re both: Tart, bold, and with spice. And I thought the color perfect for this sometimes bloody tale.

This tea was in my November subscription box. I do love a good herbal tea for when I can’t have caffeine. It has coconut, apple, and cranberry pieces, as well as hibiscus, cranberry, and ginger. And of course that gorgeous color is from the hibiscus and cranberries.

“I leaned back, studying her as she finished my bun. A bit of icing covered her lip. Her nose was still red from the cold, her hair wild and windblown. My little heathen.”

Lou possibly is a little heathen, a strong-willed survivor with a snarky attitude who has been living in the attic of a theater (hiding from the other witches) until her unfortunate run-in with the witch-hunters, the Chasseurs.

“I’ve been thinking,” he said finally.
“A dangerous pastime.”

Serpent and Dove is YA Fantasy, rife with deadly magic, snarky characters, and a enemies to lovers romance that I actually enjoyed (seeing as how I am very selective of romance reads). I would definitely classify it as New Adult though, because of the 🔥 spicy scenes.

Towards the end, I immediately bought books 2&3 because I was hooked.

The intricate magic system fascinated me, since I always think fictional witches are interesting. Every bit of magic has a price. From broken fingers to losing memories, Lou must always sacrifice something.

The only thing that drew me out of the book from time to time was the thoroughly modern language Lou used sometimes. She was clever, and witty, and occasionally anachronistic.

So all in all, this book was definitely my cup of tea. And so was the cup of tea.

Steampunk & Gaslamp Fantasy fest

Steampunk & Gaslamp Fantasy fest

I recently started organizing some book promotions through Bookfunnel, and the first one is all about Steampunk and Gaslamp fantasy books!

What is steampunk? Think Victorian era with a more technology, mainly steam with heavy use of gears. A subgenre of science-fiction, this retrofuturistic style also goes hand in hand nicely with gaslamp fantasy, which is a little lower-tech.

Two of my books are featured in this awesome roundup of steampunk and gaslamp fantasy books (The Alchemyst’s Mirror, and The Clockwork Ice Dragon).

There’s no signup, no catch, just a curated collection of books!

New Short Story

New Short Story

I’m excited to have my short story, Coppery Sight, published in this new anthology from Owl Hollow Press.

The title is Frontiers: Then, Now, and Beyond, and my story is one of the beyond frontiers!

Whether it’s a lone character trying to do the right thing in a hostile environment, a ragtag team of mismatched people working together to survive and create new worlds, or frontiers created by climate change, technology, or other borders that capture the beauty and brutality of seclusion vs. progress, now more than ever, frontiers explore the timeless relevance in which an outsider is drawn to new horizons, answering the call to push against boundaries, fight for an underdog cause, or discover unexplored terrains.
Frontier spaces mean pushing new boundaries in interesting ways, in the past, present, and future. Join us as we discover uncharted spaces of all varieties—real and imagined.

The Gray Mage is now available!

The Gray Mage is now available!

It’s here! And the paperback JUST went live just in time despite a mysterious error I kept getting with Amazon’s system over the weekend.

The advance reviews of The Gray Mage have been too sweet, and several people have already said that this book is their favorite in the series so far!

With that said, no pressure when I write book #4 then, I guess, right?

I’m hosting a giveaway (US only, sorry) for signed paperbacks of The Starless Girl and The Storm King, and there’s only a few hours left. Two lucky people will win. Enter here: 

Realm of Camellia giveaway

Realm of Camellia giveaway

With The Gray Mage releasing on August 31, I wanted to do something new to help celebrate the release!

I’m giving away a set of The Starless Girl and The Storm King, along with a green tea candle, to two winners! All you have to do is enter below, and sign up for my emails. Bonus entry points for following on Facebook and Instagram.

Are you team Light or team Shadow?

Are you team Light or team Shadow?

With The Gray Mage dropping August 31, I’m wondering…

Are you team Light, or team Shadow?

Comment on this blog post and let me know. 🤍🖤🤍🖤🤍🖤

I’m all about opposites and contrast. So the magic in the Realm of Camellia is too. Light magic is visible, Shadow magic is invisible. Light magic is solid, and you can touch it. Shadow magic is intangible.

If you could choose, which would you rather have?

Light magic allows you to create anything you can think of, summoning a solid object made of Light, that can be used for anything (tools, weapons, clothing, anything depending on your skill to imagine it).

Shadow magic can be almost anything that’s not visible/tangible. Moving things with wind, controlling the weather, plants, etc. This one has a lot of possibilities too.

Helen Scheuerer spills the tea on A Lair of Bones

Helen Scheuerer spills the tea on A Lair of Bones

Today I’ve got some fun book news to share with you, as Helen Scheuerer stops by to spill the tea on her new fantasy release, A Lair of Bones.

Ok, Helen spill it!

It’s been two years since my first series, The Oremere Chronicles wrapped up and so I’m over the moon to at last share the first book in a brand new adventure, A Lair of Bones (July 15th, 2021). This YA fantasy follows the story of Roh, a young cyren of the deep whose ambition knows no bounds. From the moment she was born, Roh, the daughter of an infamous criminal, has been despised by her own kind. Restricted to the Lower Sector and forced to work as a common bone cleaner, she has always believed she belongs above: where lies adventure… and power.

Opportunity arises in the form of the Queen’s Tournament, a treacherous set of trials that could see the victor crowned ruler of the entire lair. Cunning, chaos and magic ensue and Roh is thrown into a dangerous world she hardly recognises.

If you like morally grey heroines, action-packed plots and a cast of unruly characters, then A Lair of Bones is for you.

How about some tea?

I love an English breakfast tea first thing in the morning, and a peppermint tea after lunch. There’s definitely a scene with tea featured in A Lair of Bones… I’m pretty sure the main character has a cup of peppermint tea to calm down after a traumatic event…

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E.J. Kitchens Spills the Tea on The King’s Spell

E.J. Kitchens Spills the Tea on The King’s Spell

Today I’ve got some fun book news to share with you, as E.J. Kitchens stops by to spill the tea on her new fantasy release, The King’s Spell.

Ok, E.J., spill it!

Magic, mystery, manners, and mischief–I love a good combination of these and so put all of them into my new release, The King’s Spell. It’s a “Jane Austen romance meets fantasy adventure” story with a cursed half-magic and a mischievous enchantress who must work together to save king and kingdom.

How about some tea?

A friend gave me tea from Norway–it is beautiful (with dried blue, red, and yellow flowers) and smells amazing, and tastes good! There are several important scenes with tea. Meredith does get to taste chai tea before disaster strikes one tea party.

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