From steampunk cityscapes to epic countrysides, explore fantastic worlds in Liz Delton’s books:

Steampunk/Gaslamp Fantasy

Seasons of Soldark series

Enter the city of Soldark, the sunniest place in all the Galderon Republic. Each novella in Seasons of Soldark is a standalone story, and can be read in any order. They each follow a different character (though some characters do make cameo appearances throughout!), and each revolves around a season or holiday.

Spectacle of the Spring Queen

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A fortune lost. Lifelong dreams at stake. And she only has one chance to decide her future.

When Mae Wright inherits a shop in Soldark, her dreams of opening her own seamstress business come true. But when she lands in Soldark and bad luck strikes, she’s forced to choose between saving her dog, or the money she came with. With Bobbin safely in hand, she must find a way to make it in a new city almost penniless.

Things change when she meets Des, who hires her as a costume designer for the Proserpina Theater. Spending her meagre earnings simply on clothes and food, she’s thrown into destitution yet again when her shop demands more repairs than she can afford. And with the theater close to the brink of going under, she and Des decide to team up to design a costume for the annual spring festival contest—the winnings enough to save both of them from sinking.

But with the spring festival looming, Mae finds herself immersed in the comfort and beauty of the Proserpina, the place pulling her away from her own dreams. And when she realizes her feelings for Des, she finds herself even more torn between the two worlds. But her contract is ending, and time is running out to make a decision on her future.

The Clockwork Ice Dragon

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An invention gone wrong. A city buried in snow. And she only has ‘til Christmas to make it right.

Aurelia Sundon has an idea for a brilliant invention that will ensure her family’s financial future. But the elite inventor’s guild has imposed a ridiculous deadline for invention applications: Christmas Day. With only four days until the deadline, Aurelia thinks she can finish it in time.

Until her old love Frederick Grandville steps back into her life when he enters the competition with his own invention. Frederick could be the downfall of Aurelia’s career. Again. But when his invention goes out of control, the wondrous snow it brings down on the ever-sunny city of Soldark turns into an outright blizzard.

With a broken promise between them, she’s not so sure she wants to help him. But the clock is ticking, the snow is getting deeper, and Aurelia must find a way to team up with her rival or risk losing her one chance at a better life.

The Mechanical Masquerade

A thieving inventor. A future at stake. And she only has one night to discover the truth.

The most prestigious Midsummer celebration in Soldark is only three days away, and this is Verity Pennington’s best–and last–chance to attend. Verity thinks she might just be able to pull off a fantastic mask in order to gain entry, if she can only tap into her unwilling artistic side.

But when a thief breaks into her family’s clock shop and steals invaluable plans, it isn’t just summer revelry on Verity’s dance card. She’ll need to track down the thief–who’ll be showcasing an invention at the ball–and find a way to confront him amid the Soldark elite, without getting kicked out in the process.

With her family’s reputation at stake, she’ll do anything to make it right. But things at the ball are not as they seem, and Verity must find her way through a maze of lies and mechanical masterpieces before she can find out the truth.

All Hallows Airship

A catastrophic blast. A haunting memory. And she only has one chance to prove her family’s innocence.

All Caz Coppersdown has ever wanted is to be a journalist for the Soldark Times. But the chances of her parents letting her pursue a breaking story are slim. Secluded after a childhood illness, Caz finally gets to leave Soldark for a trip to the country to her great aunt’s estate, but she quickly finds out there isn’t anything newsworthy there—unless you count her aunt’s upcoming All Hallows Eve soiree.

Until the local airshow clashes with her aunt’s party plans—causing more than just pumpkins to be destroyed. When Caz meets one of the airship pilots and discovers something about her family’s past, Caz might have just found her big story.

But she’ll need to dig for the facts quickly, because the constables are looking for a culprit, and old ghosts are making themselves known on this All Hallows Eve.

The Alchemyst’s Mirror- Book 1 in the Everturn Chronicles

A missing brother. A secret society. And a mysterious artifact that’s worth more than gold.

Petra and Maisie Everturn just want to run their family’s tea shop, but when their explorer brother Jiordan goes missing while looking for an alchemycal artifact, none of them are safe.

The sisters must enlist the help of another explorer in order to find Jiordan or the artifact—before the mysterious alchemyst society finds them first.

However, when one of the sisters stumbles into the clutches of the most dangerous alchemyst in the city, the race to unravel the clues becomes desperate. And when they discover the truth about the artifact, their quest to infiltrate the alchemyst’s secret society becomes a matter of life and death.

(First book in the Everturn Chronicles)


Realm of Camellia Series- SERIES COMPLETE

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From The Starless Girl

Kira Savage thought she was just a normal girl living a normal life. Until the day her mother died and everything changed.

Nothing makes sense anymore.

Suddenly she’s seeing this glowing light in everything around her. She can’t explain it. It’s just…there. But when a dog made of darkness chases her, she somehow ends up in a different world.

A world of magic.

Now she needs to learn how to survive in this world, how to use her light to protect herself and those around her.

But when more creatures made of darkness start appearing, she’s caught in the middle of a war that has been raging within the realm for decades. Mysterious forces are tearing this world apart, and no matter how hard she tries to convince herself that this is not her fight…

She just can’t walk away.


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From Meadowcity….

He wants to forge a new empire, at any cost.
And she’s the only one standing in his way.

Professional adventurer Sylvia Thorne just wants to travel through the wilds between cities for a living, but when the governor of Skycity declares war on her home, she must embark on a quest that will determine the fate of the Four Cities forever.

And if she’s not careful, it won’t be just her life she’s risking—but everyone in Meadowcity.

Governor Sorin Greyling of Skycity is obsessed with knowledge. When he discovers the Four Cities’ darkest secret, he’ll stop at nothing to obtain the knowledge and power that has remained hidden for centuries.

Will Sorin’s discovery make him a legendary leader? Or will it drive him down a dark path of destruction?

Writer’s Notebooks

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Short Stories

Kingdoms of Wrath and Ice: An Anthology of Icy Villains

Edited by Liz Delton and Benjamin Thomas, published by Tourmaline & Quartz Publishing

Curl up by a warm fire as winter’s icy fingers claw their way down your back and sink into this collection tales of icy villains.

Tales of revenge. Of dubious heroes and well-meaning winter witches. Of noble assassins and the origins of evil. You might be left questioning who really is the villain, or just whose side you’re on.

But as the ice thaws, you might see some hope left, after all…

Frontiers: Then, Now and Beyond

My short story, Coppery Sight was selected for Owl Hollow Press’ 2021 anthology. (Coppery Sight is a “beyond” short story!)

Whether it’s a lone character trying to do the right thing in a hostile environment, a ragtag team of mismatched people working together to survive and create new worlds, or frontiers created by climate change, technology, or other borders that capture the beauty and brutality of seclusion vs. progress, now more than ever, frontiers explore the timeless relevance in which an outsider is drawn to new horizons, answering the call to push against boundaries, fight for an underdog cause, or discover unexplored terrains.

Frontier spaces mean pushing new boundaries in interesting ways, in the past, present, and future. Join us as we discover uncharted spaces of all varieties—real and imagined.

Under the Full Moon’s Light

Short story anthology by Owl Hollow Press

Check out this collection by Owl Hollow Press, featuring an amazing selection of short stories under the full moon, including my short story “Red Sneakers“.

The moon, full of beauty and grandeur, adds an element of mystery and intrigue to an otherwise innocuous darkness. On a night fraught with shadows, the moon makes it easy to imagine all sorts of spooks and specters, myths and legends. Its glow has the power to affect the body, change the mind, or drive a person to madness. In all of its glory and lunacy, the moon has cast a spell upon humanity since the beginning of time. Beauty and wonder, terror and mystery all surround this one celestial orb. Join us, for a delightful menagerie of tales told under the full moon’s light.