Announcing: Special Edition Soldark Kickstarter

Announcing: Special Edition Soldark Kickstarter

I am excited to announce I’m planning a Kickstarter for a special edition hardcover of the Soldark novellas–all in one gorgeous, color interior book!

Check it out on Kickstarter, and click “Notify me on Launch”!
(Cover sneak peek image for illustrative purposes only, not the real deal!)

Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform, where creators can launch a campaign centered around funding a particular project.

Backers, people who pledge money to back the campaign, will usually be rewarded with…well… rewards! Campaigns often have different tiers of support, such as- pledge $5, and you’ll be rewarded with a copy of an ebook. Pledge $100 and you’ll probably get tons of shiny rewards. Each amount will have it’s own list of goodies. (And if a campaign doesn’t meet its funding goal, none of the pledges are charged, and there are no rewards to be had–but if it does, you don’t pay anything until the campaign ends.)

Kickstarter has long funded creative projects, and I’ve backed campaigns on there since 2013! I never really thought I would run my own, until it really started blowing up as a place to fund/create SPECIAL EDITIONS of books.

The Seasons of Soldark Novellas are getting bundled up into one omnibus collection, with a gorgeous new cover by Deranged Doctor Design. There will be super special character art by an illustrator, and there is also a FANTASTIC reward item that I can’t talk about yet. More on that to be revealed soon. There will be hardcovers, and they will have color interiors! (There will also be color interior paperbacks!)

This is an edition that you will ONLY be able to get from backing the Kickstarter.

So what do you do?

I would love it if you checked out the page on Kickstarter, and followed the campaign! (click “Notify me on Launch”) The campaign will launch late summer/early fall, the exact date TBD.

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