The Realm of Camellia Series is now Complete!

The Realm of Camellia Series is now Complete!

Wow. I can’t believe I finally get to say this, but the Realm of Camellia Series is now complete!

As I did an interview Live on IG last night, I realized I have been writing in this world for about SIX YEARS. It’s crazy to think that this time has come to an end. I have been through A LOT in those six years, and I think Kira’s journey in Camellia reflects on that.

Her story was always about finding balance, and about finding light in the darkness. And I hope her story and messages resonate with people out there, because I know sometimes it can be hard to find that light in dark times. I am so proud of Kira’s growth as a character, and I will miss writing Thistle’s snarkiness, Zowan’s strength and wisdom, Anzu’s steady stoicism, and Jun’s confident banter.

I want to thank everyone who has joined me in this writing journey. Big thanks to Benjamin Thomas, my longtime beta reader, as well as Ben Daniels, Dan Foley, and Tori-Lynn Bell, the best writer’s group full of support, skill, and imagination. Another big thanks to Kimberly Grymes for joining me first as a reviewer, then beta reader, and writing buddy! Thank you to all the readers who have joined me throughout this epic journey, I hope you enjoy the final installment of Kira’s story.

It was more difficult than I predicted to finalize this series. I had invested so much in these characters and wanted to see their stories come to a proper close. There are some sad parts. There are some amazingly powerful moments. There are small but intense moments of love and family and friendship.

Enjoy, and thank you! I hope to see you all join in my next series journey, which I can’t quite tell you about yet! But now that The Starlight Dragon is out in the wild, I should be able to start working on the new series quite soon.

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