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Liz Delton

Signed The Fifth City Paperback

Signed The Fifth City Paperback

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She'll do anything to save her home from the war.
But will Seascape's test of worth demand far more than she's willing to give?

Though Meadowcity is besieged by Skycity's army, Sylvia manages to escape to seek help, from the only people who can help: the long-hidden city of Seascape.

Can she convince them to interfere with a war between the four cities they hid from for so long?

When their leader challenges Sylvia to a set of ancient tests, Sylvia accepts without understanding the possibility that there might be more to the people of Seascape than she realizes. Much more.

Will she be able to master their strange technology and win favor before the army destroys her home?
And what will become of the other cities while Sylvia searches for help?

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