Realm of Camellia Series

Kira Savage can see light in the darkness. And when she's transported to the Realm of Camellia, she falls into a world of magic. But not all magic is made of light, and a decades-long feud and dark forces seem to be converging on one thing: her.

A YA Portal Fantasy series for readers who love magic schools, adventure, and found family.


Seasons of Soldark Series

Each novella in this series follows a different character following their dreams in the city of Soldark. From Aurelia the ambitious inventor, to Mae, the seamstress down on her luck, each of these stories features a different season.

Cozy fantasy with a dash of steampunk, this series is perfect for any fantasy reader.


Four Cities of Arcera Series 


When Sylvia Thorne returns from her adventures in the wilds between cities, she discovers a message declaring war on Meadowcity. She'll need to uncover a centuries-old mystery to stop it from destroying the four cities forever.

  YA Fantasy series with a dash of dystopian, perfect for readers who love adventure.


Writer's Notebooks

For beginners to experienced writers, these notebooks are half blank notebook, half guided experience.

Get your thoughts on paper to bring your fiction project to life. Ever wanted to write a book? These are the methods I use to organize my thoughts and get my books out of my head and onto paper.


Everturn Chronicles