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Liz Delton

Signed Seasons of Soldark Hardcover

Signed Seasons of Soldark Hardcover

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Do you love heartwarming fantasy like Legends and Lattes, and intricate worlds like in Howl’s Moving Castle? Then this book is for you!

4 novellas inside this one collection, each page has illustrations on the bottom corner, with matching chapter illustrations. These illustrations were done by illustrator Amy Marchant for this book, each to go along with the seasons & characters.

Ignite your destiny.

Welcome to the city of Soldark, where four women forge their own paths through the seasons in this novella collection.

Mae. The seamstress down on her luck, but chasing her destiny.

Verity. The clockmaker's daughter, who gets in over her head after a theft.

Caz. The plucky journalist looking for her big break.

Aurelia. The ambitious inventor who’ll do anything for her family’s prosperity.

Join Mae, Verity, Caz, and Aurelia as you explore the four Seasons of Soldark novellas in one collection. Each story is a standalone, and can be read in any order.

-Spectacle of the Spring Queen

-The Mechanical Masquerade

-All Hallows Airship

-The Clockwork Ice Dragon

No world-ending plots. Just character-driven, low stakes, low fantasy, with a dash of steampunk.

This hardcover edition includes black and white illustrations on every page (original art by illustrator Amy Marchant), a brand new cover design by Deranged Doctor Design, and a case laminate design by Liz Delton. These hardcover omnibus collections are 6x9 and 480 pages, with black & white interiors.

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