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Helen Scheuerer spills the tea on A Lair of Bones

Helen Scheuerer spills the tea on A Lair of Bones

Today I’ve got some fun book news to share with you, as Helen Scheuerer stops by to spill the tea on her new fantasy release, A Lair of Bones.

Ok, Helen spill it!

It’s been two years since my first series, The Oremere Chronicles wrapped up and so I’m over the moon to at last share the first book in a brand new adventure, A Lair of Bones (July 15th, 2021). This YA fantasy follows the story of Roh, a young cyren of the deep whose ambition knows no bounds. From the moment she was born, Roh, the daughter of an infamous criminal, has been despised by her own kind. Restricted to the Lower Sector and forced to work as a common bone cleaner, she has always believed she belongs above: where lies adventure… and power.

Opportunity arises in the form of the Queen’s Tournament, a treacherous set of trials that could see the victor crowned ruler of the entire lair. Cunning, chaos and magic ensue and Roh is thrown into a dangerous world she hardly recognises.

If you like morally grey heroines, action-packed plots and a cast of unruly characters, then A Lair of Bones is for you.

How about some tea?

I love an English breakfast tea first thing in the morning, and a peppermint tea after lunch. There’s definitely a scene with tea featured in A Lair of Bones… I’m pretty sure the main character has a cup of peppermint tea to calm down after a traumatic event…

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