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Liz Delton

Out of Print (Signed) The Starless Girl paperback

Out of Print (Signed) The Starless Girl paperback

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This title is out of print. What I have in stock is all that will ever be printed with this cover. This title will be re-launched with new covers in July 2024.

Kira Savage thought she was just a normal girl living a normal life. Until the day her mother dies and everything changes.

Nothing makes sense anymore.

Suddenly she's seeing this glowing light in everything around her. She can’t explain it. It’s just…there. But when a creature made of darkness chases her, she somehow end up in a different world.

A world of magic.

Now she needs to learn how to survive in this world, how to use her light to protect herself and those around her.

But when more creatures made of darkness start appearing, she's caught in the middle of a war that has been raging within the realm for decades. Mysterious forces are tearing this world apart, and no matter how hard she tries to convince herself that this is not her fight…

She just can’t walk away.

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