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Liz Delton

Fall of Azurite Ebook

Fall of Azurite Ebook

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Do you love the elemental magic, fighting styles, and themes of Avatar: The Last Airbender?

Ever wanted to attend a magic school but never got your invitation letter?

Never found a portal in the back of a wardrobe, or a rabbit hole to fall into a new world?

Then the Realm of Camellia awaits!

A clash of Light and Shadow. An act that cannot be undone.

Zowan has always lived his life under the shadow of his uncle, the Storm King. Now a fully trained Shadow mage, Zowan is on his way to study swordsmanship at the Light temple of Azurite.

He's not going to let his uncle's storm clouds--literal or figurative--get in his way.

But when they arrive with a delegation of mages, something is wrong inside the temple. When the Storm King is accused of murder, soothing the tempest of emotions between knights and mages won't be easy.

And there are some acts of magic that can't be taken back.

A prequel to the Realm of Camellia Series. (Previously titled The Rogue Shadow)

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