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Liz Delton

Cogs and Trinket's Grand Adventure Signed Paperback PREORDER

Cogs and Trinket's Grand Adventure Signed Paperback PREORDER

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A clockwork dragon. A new friend. And a fantastic adventure.

Cogs and Trinket's Grand Adventure is a quirky picture book perfect for the child in your life. Join Cogs and Trinket on their first grand adventure!

This book is perfect for:

  • Babies and toddlers 0-3
  • Big kids from 4-7+
  • Grown ups who want to share a fun book with the kiddo in their life!

This book is available for pre-order, and will launch on September 17, 2024. Paperback pre-order is only available here on

Website orders will come with an exclusive Cogs & Trinket sticker! (Supplies limited!)


A clockwork dragon finds confidence and friendship in this quirky steampunk picture book about discovering new things.

Cogs is bored. His inventor is always busy. But when Cogs stumbles upon a new friend, Cogs is drawn out of his shell in the safety of the workshop, and must go full steam ahead on an adventure through the city of Spokesville.

It’s all new to him, but Cogs finds that his new friend makes the grand adventure exciting. 

In this book, Cogs learns about:

  • Finding the good in the bad
  • Going out of your comfort zone 
  • Finding wonder and whimsy in everyday adventures


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