One of the reasons I am an “Author With Too Many Hobbies” is I also design papercut bookmarks. You can find them in Etsy in my shop, LDWritesAndDesigns.

I create all of the designs myself in Photoshop, and then cut them out with my Cricut Maker. Then, I laminate them. So the negative space in the designs is see-through, but they’re still sturdy enough to use as a bookmark. They’re all available in multiple colors, and I ship globally.

Here’s some of my favorites…

Gamer Bookmark

Steampunk Bookmark

Hey, we’ve all been there. Fell Asleep Here Bookmark

Read Books & Drink Tea Bookmark (Also available with “coffee”!)

And then of course, I also do custom name bookmarks…

Custom Name Bookmark

Custom Book-themed Name Bookmark

Custom Sports Name Bookmarks (also available for basketball, baseball, softball and football)