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Emily Huffman spills the tea on Shattered Souls

Emily Huffman spills the tea on Shattered Souls

Today I’ve got some fun book news to share with you, as Emily Huffman stops by to spill the tea on her fantasy book, Shattered Souls, which is currently free on Amazon until June 4th!

Ok, Emily spill it!

So I’d say I’m letting you in on a secret, but that would be a lie, because I want EVERYONE to know about this! To kick off summer and the Summer Indie Fantasy Addicts Challenge, I am making the first book in my series free.

If you love the chosen ones trope, found family, and want to get lost in a world full of magic and magical creatures, download your copy for free now!

How about some tea?

Fun fact: Collecting tea can be just as dangerous as collecting books. Just like you might have to buy new bookshelves to house your new books, you may find yourself having to reorganize your kitchen cabinets to accommodate your growing tea collection, as well as the numerous tea cups that follow. Some experts believe that you can solve this problem by not buying any new teas until you finish the ones you have, but as all of our TBR lists can attest to, this only works in theory and is not practical.

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