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Meadowcity Audiobook

Meadowcity Audiobook

The reviews have begun to come in for the Meadowcity audiobook, and I wanted to share a sample of the audio with you!

But first I want to share my new favorite review. I am so glad this listener (it’s funny not to say reader…) enjoyed the execution of my feminist theme, and the title of the review is just the best!

5.0 out of 5 stars Solid YA fantasy without most of the annoying tropes of the genre
I liked this book a lot! The narrator’s voice is really nice, I could have drifted off to sleep to it if the story weren’t so engaging. The characters were compelling and believable, and there’s a strong feminist angle without it smacking you over the head. I’m a sucker for a capable female protagonist, and Sylvia fully delivers on that. And thank GOD for no silly love triangle getting in the way. I’m excited to find the next book in the series and see what happens next with the fifth city and its leader – the payoff to finding it, after having been built up so long, is probably the best sequence in the whole book. Definitely would recommend to any young person who likes fantasy.

Thanks for checking it out!

Keep an eye out for The Fifth City audiobook, book 2 in the Arcera Trilogy, which will be dropping later this summer.

A Prequel Adventure

A Prequel Adventure

Before the first war in a thousand years, Sylvia Thorne was just a normal sixteen-year old girl, who happened to have one of the most dangerous jobs in the Four Cities.

Now that I wrote that above line, I’m convinced I need to add it to the description below…  Anyway, you get the idea.  You’re about to find out what Sylvia’s life was like before Meadowcity, before the war, in this upcoming short story (title TBA).  Check out the description, which might change right after I publish this post:

For a thousand years, the Four Cities of Arcera lived in peace behind their protective walls, while the lands between them turned wild and full of danger.  Only the few people willing to brave the wilds will step foot there, and Sylvia Thorne is one of them.
Sylvia is used to delivering messages between the cities for a living–and she will soon deliver the message that breaks the peace between the cities, but before that, she gets stuck in Lightcity, waiting for a package to deliver.
Her wait for adventure isn’t long, when she discovers that a young girl named Maddy has left the city–untrained in the ways of the wilds.
One of the youngest Riders in Arcera, Sylvia feels she must go after the girl and bring her safely back to her sister.
When Maddy brings them into one danger after another, desperate to find her missing parents, Sylvia must draw upon her training to protect the both of them.
But a wolf pack lurking about is acting strangely, and something seems very wrong in the wilds of Arcera.
What do you think?  Look for this prequel short story sometime in April or March, depending on how ambitious I am.