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My 3 favorite books read this year

My 3 favorite books read this year

I didn’t get to read a lot this year, but I did read some great books! Some of them are quite possible my TOP favorite books now. And I may or may not have given several of these books as Christmas gifts to friends this year…

What was your top favorite this year? Or top 3 if you can’t choose? Let me know in the comments!

In no particular order (because they are all equally brilliant!) mine are:

In Solitude’s Shadow (Book 1 Empire of Ruin) by David Green

One of my new favorite authors! I really enjoyed the first two books available in series! I hear there are 2 more coming, this year I think. This is Dark/Epic Fantasy. The magic is fantastic. The characters are so human (except the ones who are elves…). This series is muuuch darker than my stuff, though, so be warned.

Legends and Lattes by Travis Baldree

This book was so cozy and just feel-good fantasy that I really enjoyed it. Which is also no surprise as it was so popular, it got picked up by a major publisher! Superb writing and worldbuilding. This is definitely a book I can see myself re-reading for comfort, and it pretty much opened up the world of “Cozy Fantasy” to me!

Inked (Guilded Blood book 1) by Rachel Rener

This is urban fantasy at its finest! The main character is a tattoo artist, and quickly finds herself embroiled in the strange and dangerous world of Fae. This is also a new author to me, and I’ve just pre-ordered the 3rd book in the series because it is just that good.