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Kel E Fox spills the tea on Darkhaven

Kel E Fox spills the tea on Darkhaven

Today I’ve got some fun book news to share with you, as Kel E Fox stops by to spill the tea on her new fantasy release, Darkhaven

Ok, Kel spill it!

Hi! I’m excited to announce my debut novel Darkhaven, a YA contemporary fantasy with a little romance on the side.

Gabby Whitehall needs an epiphany. High school is nearly over, and everyone wants to know: what is she going to do with her life? But when lightning strikes and magic unfolds, she’s faced with a much harder decision than choosing a career.

Darkhaven is the first book in The Lightless Prophecy, a six-book (I think, it keeps expanding) saga involving magic, gods and all sorts of galaxy-spanning adventures.

How about some tea?

Gabby’s dad recommends a pot of peppermint whenever there’s some difficult decisions to be made! Everything is clearer, he says, with a good cup of peppermint tea. (Peppermint is my favourite too.)

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