Seasons of Soldark Kickstarter

Seasons of Soldark Kickstarter

Do you love heartwarming fantasy like Legends and Lattes, and intricate worlds like in Howl’s Moving Castle? Then this book is for you!

With light romance, hard-working and creative protagonists, these four stories are perfect to cozy up with every season.

Though the Kickstarter for this book ended in September ’23, this book will launch in Spring 2024! It will be available for preorder right here on my website. Be the first to know when it’s up for preorder, and sign up for my newsletter:

In this novella collection, meet four women from the city of Soldark, as they forge their own paths through the seasons:

  • Mae. The seamstress down on her luck but chasing her destiny.
  • Verity. The clockmaker’s daughter, who gets in over her head after a theft.
  • Caz. The plucky journalist looking for her big break.
  • Aurelia. The ambitious inventor who’ll do anything for her family’s prosperity.

Join Mae, Verity, Caz, and Aurelia as you explore the four Seasons of Soldark novellas in one collection. Each story is a standalone, and can be read in any order.

  • Spectacle of the Spring Queen
  • The Mechanical Masquerade
  • All Hallows Airship
  • The Clockwork Ice Dragon

Step into Soldark and ignite your destiny…

The Book

The Book

  • Kickstarter Exclusive* Hardcover with full color interior (*no longer available)
  • All physical books are signed by the author
  • Newly designed interior, with corner art on every page by Amy Marchant
  • Brand new cover/dust jacket design by Deranged Doctor Design
  • New character art of Mae, Verity, Caz, and Aurelia by illustrator Amy Marchant 
  • Gorgeous hardcover case laminate (under the dust jacket), designed by the author
  • Four fantastically cozy fantasy stories to sink into
The Characters

The Characters

Meet the four characters you’ll follow in Seasons of Soldark! These are the concept sketches for the character art, which will be in full color in the Exclusive Edition.

Want to read some for yourself? Check out the 4 novellas here.

Mae has known all her life what she wants to be, and when she inherits a shop in Soldark, finds her dreams of opening a shop to become a seamstress are coming true. But when fortunes change upon her arrival in Soldark, she must decide how to change with them.
When Verity’s family’s livelihood is threatened, she’ll do anything to save it, including infiltrating the elite society of Soldark’s masquerade ball to unmask a thief, all while finding her own creative voice in the process.
Caz is on her own for the first time, after overcoming a childhood illness. She’s thrilled to finally find her big break as a journalist at her great aunt’s estate in the countryside. But when an arsonist strikes, and frames someone innocent, she’s got more than a story to save.
All Aurelia wants is prosperity for her family, and with a knack for inventions, she knows she can achieve it–if an old love doesn’t throw a wrench in her plans.

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