Mikhaeyla Kopievsky spills the tea on the Divided Elements series

Mikhaeyla Kopievsky spills the tea on the Divided Elements series

Today I’ve got some fun book news to share with you, as Mikhaeyla Kopievsky stops by to spill the tea on her speculative fiction series price drop on Resistance, and Rebellion, books 1 and 2 in the Divided Elements series.

OK Mikhaeyla, spill it!

With the anticipated release of the third and final book in my dystopian Divided Elements series (coming in July and now available to pre-order), I’ve dropped the price of the first two books in the series to just $2.99. You can also read the origin novella for free with your Kindle Unlimited account or by signing up for my newsletter here. The Divided Elements books will appeal to readers of Divergent, Brave New World, Red Rising, Fahrenheit 451, and We.

Set in a future, dystopian Paris where the population is divided and aligned to four neural-social classes, the story follows Anaiya – a Peacekeeper who is realigned and sent to infiltrate a growing rebellion that threatens the city’s golden age. But as she gets closer to fulfilling her mission, her loyalties are tested by the growing connections she forms with the core resistance movement and the fractures appearing in her mind…

How about some tea?

In the world of Divided Elements, there is nothing organic–everything is synthetic and engineered for maximum efficiency. That doesn’t mean, however, the citizens aren’t enjoying themselves. This world is a golden age of entertainment and excess, full of digital distractions and synth indulgences. Anaiya and her fellow Peacekeepers are notorious for hitting up the izakayas at the end of a shift – if Long Island Iced Teas were around, I’m sure they would be a favourite!

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