2015. 2016. Glitter.

2015. 2016. Glitter.

2015.  Nailed it.

You’re allowed to brag on the last day of the year, right?

I published my first book, Meadowcity
meadowcity first edition
I went to my first book signing (and many more!) Liz Delton at the University of the Arts
I ran a half marathon.  And finished.  Faster than I hoped. Surftown Half
I published my second book, The Fifth City
The Fifth City

How am I supposed to top 2015?!

I’ll know I’ll write and publish my third book–the final of the Arcera Trilogy (title TBA).

I also have another book in the works which keeps creeping into my thoughts and forcing me to write down notes.  It’s going to be a lot more in the fantasy category, and I can’t wait to start fleshing it out!  I’m already thinking it’ll be a mix of elements from Alice in Wonderland and Spirited Away.

Also, I’ll be doing a lot more yoga.

And who knows what else?!

I thought I would add some sparkle to this end of year post with some of my favorite quotes…
Eleanor Roosevelt quote

Winston Churchill quote

Albus Dumbledore quote

… 2016, bring it on.


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