The Fifth City Cover Reveal

The Fifth City Cover Reveal

Meadowcity, Lightcity, Riftcity and Skycity: the Four Cities of Arcera.  For a thousand years, the cities lived in peace, until Governor Sorin Greyling of Skycity discovered a fifth city: Seascape.

With technologies far surpassing those of the Four Cities, Seascape has remained hidden all of this time, but why?

Meadowcity scraped through the fight against Skycity at Summer’s End, but they won’t remain safe for long.  Sylvia must travel to find help: anything that will help win the war against Greyling, who will stop at nothing to conquer the fifth city.

Sylvia finds herself in Seascape, where she meets the formidable Lady Naomi Blackwater.  The strange city is reluctant to offer help, but Lady Blackwater offers Sylvia a chance to prove herself:  the Trials.

The Trials push Sylvia’s physical and mental limits to the breaking point.  With each task she learns more about Seascape’s vast technologies–and discovers she is good at manipulating them.  But soon she will discover their darkest secret…

And so we have The Fifth City…

And the first proof…


The Fifth City will be released on December 3, 2015

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