Maps and First Reads

Maps and First Reads

As someone who is currently on their 20th(?) reread of a certain magical book series, I can say that each re-read always brings me something new; but there is nothing like the first time you read a book.

I can remember staying up for midnight book releases, going home, and reading nonstop into the next day until I finished.  Even now, long awaited books fall in my hands and every spare moment I have, I’m reading, wanting to get that jolt of finding out what’s going to happen–because you have no idea.

I’m thinking about this because there are now two rough copies of Meadowcity, printed at home and now in the hands of two people very close to me–my first readers!

Trying to ignore the suspense, I’m working on getting the other book elements ready to go, which means I’ve been working on a map.  Here’s a little preview:

There’s much more in the works, but I’ll have to tell you about that another time–Goblet of Fire is calling my name.

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