Judge a book…

When I have the opportunity to look at books in a store, I’ll admit that I completely judge them by their covers–if I’m looking for something new anyway.  So designing the right cover for Meadowcity is extremely important to me.  I’m in the process of coming up with a mock cover design which I will hand over to a more advanced artist than I, so I can achieve what I’m looking for.

Here’s a sneak peak at what’s brewing…

Not much right now, so I’ll give you another tidbit:  the in-progress-book-summary.

Sylvia Thorne is a Rider, one of the few people brave enough to travel through the wilds between the Four Cities. After a particularly long journey, Sylvia returns to Meadowcity with only the thought of getting home to her warm bed. But a strange, injured boy has shown up at their gates, falling unconscious as soon as he steps out of the woods. Sylvia soon discovers that the message she has been carrying, from Governor Greyling of Skycity, contains a message that will disturb the peace between the Cities that has held for over a thousand years.

Will you pick it off the shelf?


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