What is Arcera?

Welcome to the world of the Four Cities:  Arcera.
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A Founding Tale
The excerpt below is from Meadowcity, Sylvia’s recounting of the founding of the Four Cities (click to enlarge).Four Cities of Arcera

The World of The Four Cities

Imagine for a moment a vast line of old, twisted, beautiful, haunting trees, growing so close for so long that they form a wall of protection for a quiet community. Think of a city nestled high in the mountains where there are floors made of glass so one might actually believe they were floating through the clouds. Picture a deep cavernous canyon where houses line the breaks in the rock, sheltering the residents from that which might come from above. Let your mind wander to a community of light where intricate works of glass cast brightness as far as you can see. This is the world that Delton creates. This is the place where Sylvia Thorne, a brave rider from Meadowcity, travels between the four cities delivering messages through the dangerous wilds. And one message in particular that has the power to change everything.
– Amazon Reviewer Sam Gati

Map of the Four Cities

Four Cities of Arcera

What about The Fifth City?
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