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The Starless Girl Cover Reveal

The Starless Girl Cover Reveal

I’m so excited to finally share the cover for The Starless Girl!  Release day is May 14th.

Pre-order opens May 4th. I’ll be giving away some very cool swag packs for pre-ordering, and everyone who pre-orders can enter to win a $25 Amazon gift card! More info soon.

Sylvia in the Wilds Short Story

Sylvia in the Wilds Short Story

In the Arcera Trilogy, Sylvia Thorne discovers just what happens when the first war in a thousand years breaks out.  But before that, she was just a Rider, spending her days traveling through the wilds between the Four Cities.

Right before the first book Meadowcity, she gets stuck in Lightcity, waiting for a package to deliver.  She isn’t stuck for long though, when a young girl decides to go on a haphazard mission into the wilds–and Sylvia feels compelled to follow.

Which brings us to Sylvia In The Wilds–the short story prequel, which will be available as a free ebook in April 2017!

The story is currently with my beta readers, and I can’t wait to share it with you!

Cover Reveal: A Rift Between Cities

Cover Reveal: A Rift Between Cities

It’s just under three months away: the release of the final installment in the Arcera Trilogy.

Sylvia has come a long way since first discovering the declaration of war against her home.  She has faced violence and destruction the like of which hasn’t been seen in Arcera in a thousand years.  She has mastered skills unknown to anyone but the denizens of Seascape, and she has only just begun to fight the war brought about by Governor Sorin Greyling.

This brings us to…

A Rift Between Cities, Book 3 in the Arcera Trilogy

A Rift Between Cities by Liz Delton

Which will be released December 9, 2016!

I received the first proof copy of the paperback in the mail today, and ripped open the box in the middle of my driveway so I could see.  Personally, I thought it was breathtaking.

Arcera Trilogy by Liz Delton
The first ‘family photo’ of the trilogy.

Over the next few months you can come see me at one of several book signings:

The Big E (Celebrating 100 Years!)

Saturday, Sept 17- 10am-1pm
Wednesday, Sept 21– 4pm-7pm *Connecticut Day
Saturday, Oct 1 – 1pm-4pm

The Connecticut Renaissance Faire

Saturday, October 29, 1-3pm


The Fifth City Cover Reveal

The Fifth City Cover Reveal

Meadowcity, Lightcity, Riftcity and Skycity: the Four Cities of Arcera.  For a thousand years, the cities lived in peace, until Governor Sorin Greyling of Skycity discovered a fifth city: Seascape.

With technologies far surpassing those of the Four Cities, Seascape has remained hidden all of this time, but why?

Meadowcity scraped through the fight against Skycity at Summer’s End, but they won’t remain safe for long.  Sylvia must travel to find help: anything that will help win the war against Greyling, who will stop at nothing to conquer the fifth city.

Sylvia finds herself in Seascape, where she meets the formidable Lady Naomi Blackwater.  The strange city is reluctant to offer help, but Lady Blackwater offers Sylvia a chance to prove herself:  the Trials.

The Trials push Sylvia’s physical and mental limits to the breaking point.  With each task she learns more about Seascape’s vast technologies–and discovers she is good at manipulating them.  But soon she will discover their darkest secret…

And so we have The Fifth City…

And the first proof…


The Fifth City will be released on December 3, 2015

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