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Request an ARC for A Rift Between Cities

A Rift Between Cities by Liz DeltonIn a mere six weeks, the final installment of the Arcera Trilogy will be released!

Interested in reading it sooner?  Request an ARC (Advanced Reader Copy)!

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If you feel so inclined, I’d greatly appreciate a review on or around release time (December 9), on whichever forum you normally review books (Amazon, Goodreads, etc…).

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Cover Reveal: A Rift Between Cities

It’s just under three months away: the release of the final installment in the Arcera Trilogy.

Sylvia has come a long way since first discovering the declaration of war against her home.  She has faced violence and destruction the like of which hasn’t been seen in Arcera in a thousand years.  She has mastered skills unknown to anyone but the denizens of Seascape, and she has only just begun to fight the war brought about by Governor Sorin Greyling.

This brings us to…

A Rift Between Cities, Book 3 in the Arcera Trilogy

A Rift Between Cities by Liz Delton

Which will be released December 9, 2016!

I received the first proof copy of the paperback in the mail today, and ripped open the box in the middle of my driveway so I could see.  Personally, I thought it was breathtaking.

Arcera Trilogy by Liz Delton
The first ‘family photo’ of the trilogy.

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