The Realm of Camellia series

The Starless Girl

I thought I was just a normal girl living a normal life. Until the day my mother dies and everything changes.

My normal shifts, and nothing makes sense anymore.

Suddenly I’m seeing this glowing light in everything around me. I can’t explain it. It’s just…there. But when a dog made of darkness chases me, I somehow end up in a different world.

A world of magic.

Now I need to learn how to survive in this world, how to use my light to protect myself and those around me.

But when more creatures made of darkness start appearing, I’m caught in the middle of a war that has been raging within the realm for decades. Mysterious forces are tearing this world apart, and no matter how hard I try to convince myself that this is not my fight…

I just can’t walk away.

Under the Full Moon’s Light

Short story anthology by Owl Hollow Press

Check out this collection by Owl Hollow Press, featuring an amazing selection of short stories under the full moon, including my short story “Red Sneakers“.

The moon, full of beauty and grandeur, adds an element of mystery and intrigue to an otherwise innocuous darkness. On a night fraught with shadows, the moon makes it easy to imagine all sorts of spooks and specters, myths and legends. Its glow has the power to affect the body, change the mind, or drive a person to madness. In all of its glory and lunacy, the moon has cast a spell upon humanity since the beginning of time. Beauty and wonder, terror and mystery all surround this one celestial orb. Join us, for a delightful menagerie of tales told under the full moon’s light.

The Arcera Trilogy

The Four Cities of Arcera lived in peace for a thousand years, until Governor Greyling of Skycity discovered a fifth city–and decided the only way to unite them was through war. Join Sylvia and her friends as they fight to return the Four Cities’ independence, a journey that will show them the meaning of courage, loss, and discovery.

What is Arcera?

A Rift Between Cities
Arcera Trilogy #3
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The first of the Four Cities to fall under Governor Greyling’s terrible rule, Riftcity is finally fighting back, thanks to the help of Ember, Flint, and a reluctant Ven.

Still struggling with his feelings for what happened in Lightcity, Ven’s reluctance might prove to be well-founded after Greyling hears of the rebel activity in Riftcity.

Back home to Meadowcity, Sylvia and the Defenders are preparing for battle, fearing it to come any day. Out training in the wilds one day, Sylvia is taken by the Scouts. Unwilling to risk another tragedy like Lightcity, Meadowcity is unable to help her.

In Seascape, Atlan Blackwater is battling with the biggest decision of his life. When he finds out about Sylvia’s abduction, he seeks help from his friends in Seascape—but can they get to Sylvia in time?

With her instincts and his knowledge, can Sylvia and Atlan discover what it takes to mend the rift between cities?

reader's favorite 5-starsThe Fifth CityThe Fifth City
Arcera Trilogy #2
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Every war has its casualties.

For a thousand years, the Four Cities of Arcera lived in peace, until Governor Sorin Greyling discovered the mysterious fifth city: Seascape.

Its advanced technology far surpasses that of the Four Cities, but why has it remained hidden all this time?

With Meadowcity still in danger of Greyling’s army, Sylvia must travel to seek help. She finds herself in Seascape, where she meets the formidable Lady Naomi Blackwater. The strange city is reluctant to help, but Lady Blackwater offers Sylvia a chance to prove herself: the Trials.

The Trials push Sylvia’s physical and mental limits to the breaking point. With each task she learns more about Seascape’s vast technologies—and discovers she is good at manipulating them. But soon she will discover their darkest secret, the reason that kept them apart for a thousand years…


Meadowcity by Liz DeltonMeadowcity
Arcera Trilogy #1
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The first war in a thousand years has only just begun…

Sylvia Thorne is one of the few people brave enough to travel through the empty lands of what remains of once great civilizations.

She is a Rider: delivering messages between the Four Cities and setting up trade are her business, one that thrives only because she knows how to defend herself in the empty spaces called the wilds.

Everything changes when Sylvia returns home to Meadowcity, carrying a message from the Governor of Skycity. She quickly finds out that what she’s been carrying isn’t some trifling correspondence—but a declaration of war from Governor Sorin Greyling. And the message isn’t their only cause for concern…

Join Sylvia as she embarks on a journey that will decide the fate of Meadowcity—and all of those who live in the Four Cities of Arcera. And relive the past to discover what drove Sorin down his path of destruction…

Sylvia in the WildsSylvia in the Wilds by Liz Delton
Arcera Trilogy #0.5

Sylvia Thorne is just a normal sixteen-year-old girl, who happens to have one of the most dangerous jobs in the Four Cities. Delivering messages might not sound dangerous, but those who have traveled through the wilds between cities will tell you a different story—those who survive, that is.

Sylvia is used to traveling the wilds for a living, so when she gets stuck in Lightcity, waiting for a package to deliver, she can’t wait to get moving again.

Her wait for adventure isn’t long. A young girl named Maddy has run away into the wilds on a haphazard rescue mission. Sylvia follows, hoping to bring her back in one piece.

When Maddy brings them into one danger after another, desperate to find her missing parents, Sylvia must draw upon her training to protect the both of them.

But a wolf pack lurking about is acting strangely, and something seems very wrong in the wilds of Arcera.