Author Services

Author Services

Formatting, book covers, social media posts, business cards–things that authors need that have nothing to do with creating worlds and characters. As an author who also enjoys formatting and graphic design, I can help!

Below are base prices for items. Fill out the contact form on the bottom of the page for a firm quote and to find out current processing time.

Social Media Graphics – Featuring your book &/or custom info
I can provide you with the content, you can post it to your social media (as much as you like)!

  • 5 graphic set: $60 (they don’t have to be all at once-save $15)
  • 1 graphic: $15

Examples: A promo of your book, announcing the release date and other info. A cover photo for your Facebook Page, with all of your book covers showcased. A graphic to use as an Instagram post featuring a quote from your book. Or any other image you might need Photoshopped for marketing your book on social media.

Excerpt quotes from your book to post on social media.

Facebook & Twitter cover photo with book lineup

Social media graphics are minimal on revisions. You provide the book cover graphic, quotes, and a description of what you’re looking for, and which social media you want to put it on. Ordering the set requires payment prior to delivery.

Book Formatting for ebook and Paperback
Includes a free spot-check copy edit (if I see something wrong with spelling or punctuation, I will let you know! I do this because if it were my book, I would want someone to tell me!) Contact me for a firm quote, price can vary depending upon images in the book or special formatting.

20,000-50,000 words50,001-150,000 words
$175 $250

Cover Designs
I offer basic cover design below. I will submit a draft to you, which you can approve or deny with suggestions. If after a few drafts we don’t seem to be on the same page, you will not be charged, but you will not get to keep/use any of the designs. Pre-Made book covers coming soon!

Book Cover using your own image
You provide me with an image or stock photo you’ve purchased (be sure you have rights for commercial use), and I provide you with a book cover.

Paperback & eBook: $150
eBook only: $65
Paperback only: $100

Includes free 3D mockup of your book for promotional purposes.

Ready to Print Promo Materials 
Print them anywhere, as many times as you want; the files are yours. I can also offer advice on where to get them printed.

  • Business cards $25
  • Bookmarks $30
  • Postcards $45
  • Posters $45
  • Other custom print material designs

Posters for book events

Postcard for mailing & handing out to prospective readers

Marketing Packages

Book Launch Basic $110 (Save $20)
– 5 social media graphics
– Business card design
– Postcard design

Book Launch Premium $185 (Save $20)
– 5 social media graphics
– Business card design
– Bookmark design
– Postcard design
– Poster design

If you’re interested, please fill out the form below. I will contact you about your request and explain pricing and payment. All payments are made through PayPal. After reviewing your request, I will indicate the processing time, but for the most part can deliver most formatting/cover design projects within 7 days, and other graphics in just a few.